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Do you know these important things about working in IT?

Do you know these important things about working in IT?


If you want to work in IT (quick plug:  For offers check out ict vacatures), but are not sure what that will be like or what it will mean for your work life, you should be aware of these important things before you decide to pursue it.


Things that can impact not only your work life but your private life as well, and leave you wondering if working in IT was really what you should be doing.


Your time is not your own — In many cases, IT companies pay extremely well. With that higher pay check, however, also comes the idea that your boss expects you to work many more hours than you would in a regular job.


This will often mean late evening work and work on the weekends. Be sure this is acceptable to you before you decide to pursue a career in IT, as it does definitely seem to be the norm.


It is not as innovative as it may seem — When you think about a career in IT, you may imagine yourself developing new programs, and then implementing them at the company you work for.


Sadly, as many IT professionals will tell you, you will often spend a lot more time fixing old programs that are barely working than you will creating innovative new ones.


Not always a casual environment — While there are many IT companies that allow you to dress casually at work, show up when you want and even play skittles in the hallways if you like, not all IT companies are like this.


Make sure you only interview with companies promising a casual environment if this is important to you, or you could find yourself having to show up to work wearing typical business clothes and in a conservative environment.


Co-workers will expect help at home with their computers — The problem with being an IT specialist is you will often have co-workers, who know little about computers, having problems with their PCs at home.


Of course, you will be the first person they ask to tell them how to fix it. Some may even ask if you can go home with them to try.


While you do not want to make enemies, you will have to decide if you feel comfortable being asked for help with non-work related computer problems. Or if you would rather take a non-IT job, and pretend you do not know anything about computers instead.


Working with IT veterans — One misconception about IT veterans is they are open-minded and always wanting to be on the cutting edge of new technology. In many cases, however, this is not true.


In fact, when you start working in the IT field, you may discover the people you have the most problems with when you try to implement new and exciting ideas are the IT veterans that have worked there for a long time.


Make sure you are willing to deal with that, or that you can come up with some innovate ways to counteract it.

Home Security Cameras are Like Insurance — Do You Need Protection?

Home Security Cameras are Like Insurance — Do You Need Protection?

Security is a basic need just like food, shelter, education, and clothing. One way you can boost security around your property is installing home security cameras. Some people might see this as an unnecessary expense and ask, “Are home security cameras worthy it? Do the benefits outweigh the installation and maintenance costs? Here are a few points to help you decide if this investment makes sense:


Break-ins are Frequent


Thieves are a reality you cannot ignore as long as you remain in this country. The numbers on the current security situation indicate that break-ins are more likely to occur during the day when you are out there working than at night. You most probably have bought valuable items in your home, and cannot imagine losing them to undeserving individuals. If you have children or teens, you do not want to think what might happen if a dangerous person broke into your home.


Home Security Systems Deter Crime and Reduce Loss


That home security systems discourage criminals from breaking into people’s homes is almost a universal truth. Also, it is not in doubt that these systems increase the chances that a burglar who manages to gain access to your home will not escape before someone catches them. A thief reasons; they would choose another home if they discovered the one they had initially wanted to break into has a security system. Available statistics show that a protected homeowner loses, on average, 2,000 dollars less than a property owner who is not.


These Systems are like Insurance


Do you need insurance? You will always need to buy auto insurance even if you have been a safe driver all your life. You cannot predict the future or which homes burglars plan to steal from in the coming weeks or months. Would you drive a vehicle without protection? You might install the system and never have a single incident, which can make you feel like you could have been just fine without it. In truth, though, you will never know how many planned burglaries the system prevented.


Irreplaceable Valuables


You most probably have personal property coverage. Should you lose your valuables, your insurance company will write you a check to help you replace the lost items. That said, money cannot restore possessions of sentimental value such as family heirlooms and rare works of art. Well, you could always keep such things in a safe deposit box. However, if quick access is important to you, a security system could be the best solution for you.


You Can Save Money


Saving money might not be something you pursue with determination. However, realizing you could save money when it was not your initial intention must come as a happy surprise. If you have installed a security system in your home, your insurance company might be willing to give you a discount. Note that some insurers might require you to install such a system if you live in an area with many reported cases of break-ins.

Are home security cameras worthy it? Make up your mind now

Whats new in Tech? 7 Reasons Why You should Order Custom Optics

Whats new in Tech? 7 Reasons Why You should Order Custom Optics

New technology has made it possible for any optical lens manufacturer to make custom-made products for their customers. You can now walk into an optical lens manufacturer with your unique specifications and have them tailor-make your product for you. This has enabled people to have photonics products that meet their taste and needs, unlike the off-the-shelf products that are similar. This article will outline reasons why you should consider ordering custom-made optics for your photonics products.

But what are photonics?

Lens coating

Coating your photonics products will enhance their durability. It will also suit different environmental conditions. The coating on your products can be applied differently for use in humid areas, salt fog or high temperatures. The coating can also be changed to suit the different environmental conditions depending on how much light they are made to reflect or transmit.

Custom made dimensions

The dimensions of your photonics products will be changed to suit your specifications. Technology allows your manufacturer to create dimensions specific to each customer or group of customers. This gives you the advantage of having unique products that meet your dimensional specifications.

Improved surface figure

Using modern technology, such as magnetorheological finishing, your products can have enhanced finishing. You can add animations, flowers, or embroidery to enhance how your custom optics looks. This is a great way to express your creativity and come up with unique custom lenses.

Surface modification

Depending on your specifications, your phonics products manufacturer can adjust the curvature of your lens. The lens can be spherical, meniscus or doublets, or cylindrical depending on your needs. Photonics manufacturers have machines that shape your product as precisely as you want them.


You can create your unique brand designed and produced to your specifications. You can also use custom optics to promote a brand name by having its name, logo or caption engraved on the lens. You can also have a special message written on the lens for a special person or occasion.

Cheaper modification of your optic lens

If you have the off-the-shelf optic lens, you can take them to a manufacturer to have them custom made for you. It is easy to work on the off-the-shelf lens since they are already designed, and only some modifications need to be done. It may even be cheaper for you since your manufacturer will have a finished product to work on, unlike when the process has to begin from sourcing for the materials.

 Speedy lens modification

When you order custom photonics products, your manufacturer will start by sourcing the materials, designing, making and refining your product. This takes more time than when you want modifications made on off the shelf products.


You can now have photonics products manufactured to meet your specifications. New technology has made it possible to creatively get products with a unique coating, dimensions, surface finishing, and figures. You can create and market your brand of custom optics design or promote a brand of your choice on your optic lens. It may be cheaper and faster to modify off-the-shelf products than making new ones.

Assuring Call Center Quality Through A 3rd Party Agency

Assuring Call Center Quality Through A 3rd Party Agency

It is vital that any business that operates a call center works hard to maintain a level of quality assurance that keeps their service at a level that is reputable. It is this factor which can help agents to better meet the needs of callers as well as allow them to keep the customers happy and loyal. There is probably no better way to outdo the competition than by maintaining a high degree of QA excellence.

The advantages of choosing a QA agency to handle this part of the work can be numerous. The ability to outsource these tasks to those who specialize in just that type of work can create enormous savings for a call center in the long run. They do not have to interview and hire such positions and can focus more on making certain that the customer service agents that they do employ are the right people with the customer service skills needed to keep everything flowing smoothly. Real people are able to listen and evaluate the calls so that they can provide the necessary feedback to push everyone to the next level of excellence.

There are some call centers which are utilizing voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence in order to allow a computer to do a lot of this work. This may be a valuable option in the long run, but that level of technical perfection is still many years away, and it can be quite expensive at the moment as well. Live people are able to incorporate some of both so that they are able to identify paramount behavior and techniques that will drive sales and revenues to even higher levels. Each encounter should receive some type of feedback score as well as valuable feedback so that the rep is able to understand where they can tweak things to make a difference.

It is also important that management outline specific business processes with the goal of developing customer loyalty and keeping everyone happy. A quality assurance agency will help to monitor the progress of these processes so that everyone is following the steps as desired to improve the quality assurance for call centers. Customers might also be allowed to perform their own feedback through questionnaires and follow-up email contact with those being just a couple of examples of ways that the QA can be promoted. In some cases, role play can even be used in order to allow the agent to practice the newer techniques that the QA team suggests to them.

Call centers in various industries and business areas often have a particular level of compliance that needs to be met. The best quality assurance agency is able to help make certain that no one is failing in this regard. The attention to detail that is to be garnered from outsourcing to a reliable agency is simply hard to get any other way. That is why so many of the largest brands and names in the world choose to allow their QA to pass through channels that will create a partnership to be valued for years to come.

Top 3 Ergonomic Mouse to Choose From in 2017

Top 3 Ergonomic Mouse to Choose From in 2017

Most of the working professionals whether they are from Information Technology Sector, Banking Industry, or just about any industry spend hours working on computers. It leads to orthopedic injuries in the long run and may even result in pain in the hands or fingers, especially if the mouse they are using is not the right fit. Thanks to the innovation in designs of the mouse these days, many companies are designing an ergonomic mouse that would fit right into your palms and put less stress on your hands, even on more prolonged use.

Injuries from using the wrong mouse are a reality that must be taken seriously. Problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Motion Syndrome, and other such orthopedic issues can surface if you are used to working on computers for long and using the mouse a lot. Any difficulties in using the current mouse should be noted so that it can be replaced with the ergonomic mouse available in the market.

Using the ergonomic mouse would comfortably position the arm, relieving the tendon and nerves around the arms from the regular stress inflicted by using the non-ergonomic mouse. Rather than going to an orthopedic surgeon, going through the treatment process, and getting the surgical procedure, later on, it is a natural choice to choose an ergonomic mouse to avoid such a predicament in the first place.

It should be noted, however, that the long-term and exhaustive use of the mouse can still issue, but the use of ergonomic mouse would reduce the chances of severe orthopedic problems to surface and may even delay the injury from occurring. Performing hand based exercise to keep your tendon, nerves, and hand muscles active and safe from harm is also highly recommended in such situations. In this article, we find out who has the best ergonomic mouse on the market and further, we suggest you three of the top ergonomic mouse to choose from in 2017.

Logitech MX Master

The design of Logitech MX Master is customized to be suitable for professionals working for long hours and has an excellent ergonomic design. It can easily pair with three devices and can track on just about any surface. The build of this mouse is solid, and the best part is that it comes with “gesture” control features, which would be helpful for the MAC OS X users. It is the flagship mouse device from the house of Logitech, which is a company known for innovation when it comes to computer and associated accessories.

Mionix Avior 7000

Mionix Avior 7000 is another premium ergonomic mouse that you can choose. The best part about this one is that it is ambidextrous and has a unique angle tuning function, which is not available with many other ergonomic mice in the same range. It is moderately priced and comes with a heavy-duty software and lift-distance wizard. It has a lovely design and looks stylish with the black matte look. It is narrow around thumbs to give it a good grip while in use. The LED backlight can be switched off, and it weighs just around 3.5 ounces. It is a durable, ergonomic mouse that comes at an economical price and is a worthy choice for people looking for one.

DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse 2

It is a vertical mouse and is described as ergonomic by the company, and its design speaks for itself. It is a pricey device, but worth it for people looking for a purely ergonomic design and can handle the vertical mouse. It can be used while charging and is ambidextrous as well. It can be tracked on almost all kind of surface and is easy to set up. For people who spend long hours working on computers and handling mouse, DXT Ergonomic Precision Mode 2 is the mouse that can be chosen without second thoughts. It comes in both wired and wireless version.

Carefully ascertain your requirements and budget and thereafter, purchase the ergonomic mouse from the three mentioned above that suits your requirements perfectly. It might hurt your pocket for once, but it is a decision that you would certainly not regret making.

4 Key Benefits Of Taking Excel Online Classes

4 Key Benefits Of Taking Excel Online Classes

Microsoft Excel has been around for a very longtime. However, there are still many that don’t know how to use it or use it effectively. This is why they should take online excel classes. Here are four key benefits of taking Excel online classes.

  1. Flexibility

The best thing about taking Excel online classes is the flexibility it offers. You will be able to learn whenever you want and wherever you are. Best of all, you learn at your own pace. Online classes allow you to take them while you’re on the go, from the comfort of your home, while on lunch break, on vacation, first thing in the morning and so on. If you want to learn Excel, but you prefer a flexible schedule, then online classes are for you.

  1. Higher Learning Retention

There are a lot of things to learn about Excel and learning about them in a traditional classroom environment isn’t ideal for some people. This is because teachers only have so much time to go over everything before moving onto the next topic. With online classes, you study at your own pace and this can result in higher learning retention. You will find it easier to retain what you learn about Excel and then you can implement what you learnt at your leisure.

  1. Tailored To You

You might already be familiar and an expert with some features of Excel. This means you don’t have to relearn them, but you will be allowed to skip over the things you already know and learn about the stuff you don’t know much about. Online classes lets you skip modules and sections. If you were to take Excel classes in a traditional classroom setting, you wouldn’t be allowed to do this. Online classes can be completely tailored to you.

  1. Excel Online Classes Are Affordable

Besides being able to study Excel when you want and where you want, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on online classes. When compared to traditional classes, online courses are far cheaper. However, the quality if learning is still high, which means you don’t have to worry about receiving a low quality education or course. You can rest assure you will learn all there is to learn about Excel, if that’s what you wish to do.

Additional Benefits

Other benefits includes courses are constantly being updated and they can be completed within a short period of time. Remember, you can learn at your own pace, so you’re not obligated or under any pressure to complete your Excel classes within a specific period of time. Not only that, but you’ll be reducing your carbon foot print when you choose to do Excel online classes.

Also make sure to check out the Excel Subreddit for awesome tips and tutorials:

Do you want to learn how to use Excel? Do you want to experience the above benefits? If so, then start taking Excel online classes today.

What are the main reasons for using VoIP in your business?

What are the main reasons for using VoIP in your business?

Have you been told by someone that, if you own a business, you should be looking into using VoIP for it? Are you not absolutely sure what VoIP is?

If so, first you need to know what VoIP is and does and then, once you do, you can decide if it would be a good choice for your business.

What is VoIP? — VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is nothing more than a delivery system for your voice and for multimedia over the Internet. In other words, rather than using a telephone, you would use a Voice over Internet Protocol device. Rather than sending a video via the postal service, you would sign it via the Internet.

What are the main reasons for using VoIP in your business? — There are many reasons why many businesses around the world use VoIP, and much of it has to do with low cost and convenience.

Saving money with VoIP when talking to people — Think about how much it would cost you if you were to make several hundred international calls every week, which many businesses do.

Now think how much it would cost you if you were to make those same business phone calls via a VoIP service like Skype, for instance. In most cases, unless you pay for the upgraded service, it would cost you nothing as many VoIP services are free.

The convenience of VoIP — Using VoIP is also incredibly convenient as a VoIP service can be used from any Internet device. That means whether you wish to speak to someone via a mobile phone, a tablet, a PC or an Apple computer, you can do as long as that device has a connected VoIP service.

This also means it does not matter where you are either because, as long as you have that device with you as does the person you want to speak to, that person is always readily accessible.

The ability to see who you are speaking to — Unlike a telephone or a mobile phone, when you use VoIP you can often see the person that you are speaking to.

That means it is far more like being in the same room as them than it ever would be via telephone, as you can also see their facial expressions.

With most VoIP systems, speaking to others is far more like being in a meeting situation than it is like being on the phone simply because you can see the people you are speaking to.

This in turn will often prevent misunderstandings from taking place. Misunderstandings that may happen with a typical phone call simply because you cannot see the face of the person you are speaking to. This can be invaluable when it comes to business negotiations as well.

VoIP is easy — Along with all of this comes the ease of using a VoIP system.

Once uploaded onto your computer, tablet or phone, you can contact any person in your VoIP address book any time you like by simply hitting the ‘Dial’ button and waiting for them to answer.

If you are looking for a VoIP service, voiptoners review best VoIP providers on their website. We highly recommend checking it out.

The Tips to Successfully Growing Your Instagram Account

The Tips to Successfully Growing Your Instagram Account

People that are interested in growing their Instagram accounts (e.g. by using an awesome service like must consider the things that they need to do if they want to be successful. An Instagram account is only as good as the person that is promoting it. Sometimes it is going to depend on how a person connects with others.

More tips to gain more followers:

Staying in Touch with Your Original Friend base

There are a lot of people that lose sight of what they are doing on instagram and they forget about their original fan base. A great number of people are getting flights from total strangers, and this may boost their account for a little while, but people must not forget their old friends. When it comes to Instagram there are lots of people that you may know in person that are following you. These are people that are ingrained into your life so they are interested in most of things that you post. These are going to be the people that are loyal, and they may even bring more users to your Instagram account. This is why you cannot forget about them.

Set Goals for Your Instagram Account

It is easy for someone to say that they are interested in getting a lot of users on Instagram, but this is a big statement. People there interested in getting users to come through Instagram profile should set a goal. This is going to be the best way to actually get the number of people that you are looking for to take interest in your site. Sometime this may consist of actually buying likes from other users. This allows you to get photos that may even go viral. That is often the thing that you need to do in order to get people to really pay attention to your Instagram account. You need to know how many followers you want for your Instagram account.

Define Your Own Standard of Success

When you are trying to make your account grow you need to really be mindful of comparing your Instagram account to others. You should never let what someone else is doing define what you are trying to do. In order to grow your Instagram account you are going to need to be original. There are a number of people that will look at what someone else is doing and instantly become obsessed with trying to follow this same blueprint. No one is looking for a carbon copy of the same thing when they are on Instagram. People are not trying to see a bunch of pictures of people that have similar outlines for their account. It’s always better to define your own level of success, and do something that is different from what the mainstream is doing. This is going to be the best way to possibly gravitate towards a new crowd of followers. People that are excited about Instagram are going to look for random people to follow, and you may fall into that category. The thing that you must do is create a unique screen name.

Computer Graphics in the Entertainment Scene

Computer Graphics in the Entertainment Scene

Be it a thriller movie, a superhero blockbuster or a horror film, computer graphics seem to serve as the backbone of all of them. It is because of the advancement in computer graphics that movie makers are no able to compete with real images. Computer graphics have taken movies to a level even beyond that of the special effects. Some of the finest works produced were a result of perfect graphic and animation like Avatar, Life of Pi and Matrix trilogy who hit the cinemas as blockbusters.

Here is how Computer Graphics are changing the Entertainment Industry.

    Real World Limitations have Been Eliminated

Prior to the introduction of computer graphics, the directors seemed to have a limited amount of creativity the primary reason of which was the lack of resources. All the Robotic creatures and sci-fi characters were introduced based on the special effects which were obviously not a very effective way. Hydraulic machines were employed to power their movements. Now that old system has been shunned and the graphics workstation has taken over. This has eliminated all the limitations that the directors had to face previously. All you need is a team of excellent graphic designers who have a firm hold on the modern graphic technology and then you are all set to go.


            Cost has been cut down

In the earlier years, the budget of the movie was a topic of major concern. The creation and formation of all the massive and monstrous characters required a great deal of money. Now as that system has been taken over completely by graphics and there is no more a need to physically create all those characters so the cost has been substantially cut down.

            Wastage of Resources Is Minimized

In the past, the models created for one movie would go directly to the waste once the movie was shot. This resulted in the wastage of money as well as a lot of resources. Using computer graphics has minimized the wastage of these resources. They have helped in saving a lot of money which would otherwise have gone down the drain.

            Saves time

When you are using computer graphics to design characters, it doesn’t take as much as time as required to physical construct all those gigantic models. This way it has become possible for the movie makers to save their time and money and get far better results than before. This may require a group of highly skilled individuals but once you get them to work, you’d be able to save a lot of your time as it will make your efforts focused for the better.

            Far superior quality

Computer graphics have enabled movie makers to create some astonishing and magnificent animations which otherwise would never have been possible. With the development in graphics, movies scenes are getting closer and closer to looking more realistic. It has now become a piece of cake for 3-D animators and graphic designers to blend in special effects with reality.



Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics

Everything on the computer that does not fall in the category of sound or text is termed as a computer graphic. Computer graphics are basically the heart of every software that the computer allows. Be it a movie, a drawing or simply a picture, all are examples of computer graphics. Even the operating system are not complete without Graphic User Interface that enables us to log in  and view the files. These have numerous and varied applications which hold great significance in the techno world. Here are a few applications of computer graphics:

    Display of Information

Graphics have always been found in association with information display. These are used to display the floor plans of buildings, medical imaging results and architectural layouts. In the present day, even the hand-made drafts of maps have been replaced by the computerized ones.

a    Design

There are a few professions such as Engineering and Architecture which are in a way entirely based on designing. Although applications in all these professions vary but normally people find similar difficulties while carrying out their tasks. These difficulties have been squeezed to aver small number by the use of computer graphics which have not only made the field of design easier but has also inculcated more efficiency and effectiveness in it. This has enabled a great advancement in these fields. It is now possible to check the credibility of a computerized design in just a few seconds using certain applications. The use of hand itself is minimized and many graphic input devices have been introduced, these provide accuracy to your design and make sure that they are feasible.


This is one of the most interesting applications of the computer graphics. Employing its use, video games have progressed to such an extent they now not only have 3-Dimensional views but have also become successful in creating imagery in our real world. This application when used in flight simulators, can be used even to train pilots.

    User Interfaces

The interface between the computer and its user has now been changed by the computer graphics. Typewriters have been replaced by electronic workstations. Owing to the system of computer graphics, a user can select, delete and save certain documents by just clicking on a small icon. As advancement in computer graphics took over, office automation systems have been introduced in the offices.

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