Stay organized with online notepads

Stay organized with online notepads

5 Great Online Notepads

Using a free online notepad can help you stay organized while accomplishing all your tasks throughout the day. The following are some of the best online notepads.


  1. OneNote

OneNote is an application that allows you to create different Notebooks. Each Notebook allows you to continue to add different pages and notes to each page, and even add different sections. You can also add tables, images, and links. This online notepad works on most platforms such as Mac, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, and Windows. OneNote allows you to share your notes with other people. This option will allow your friends to just view your notes or to actually make changes.


  1. ClickUp Notepad

ClickUp offers a notepad that’s perfect to use inside of your browser. You can keep it right alongside all of your projects and other tasks that you’re working on. It’s easy to make a schedule and then just as easy to edit and change the schedule if necessary. All your notes can be easily separated and there’s even a way to create nestled checklists within a checklist. ClickUp also features syntax highlighting so you can write HTML updates or source code. You can easily stay organized with ClickUp Notepad.


  1. StackEdit

This notepad features the ability to write regular notes as well as programming codes. You can markdown files or send notes as HTML. StackEdit also gives you the option to publish your notes to places online such as WordPress and Tumbler. You can also work with different cloud platforms as well. You can develop your own personal layouts and themes. There is also a built in spellchecker.


  1. aNotepad

If you’re looking for something as simple and basic as possible, this online notepad may be the right choice for you. This particular notepad offers a tab so you can make titles for each set of notes, making it easy to organize and keep all sets of notes separate. After signing up for a free account you can store your notes as either “private” or “public.” There is a handy auto save feature so you don’t have to worry about constantly saving your notes while you’re typing them in.


  1. Laverna

You won’t have to sign-up with Laverna before starting to make your notes. You have the ability to encrypt and then synchronize your notes to the cloud, providing security. You’ll get to choose from three different options for writing the notes. These include normal, preview, and a full screen. There’s also several great tools for the text such as line alignment, bold, and italic. You can also just switch to a mode that is distraction free so you can focus on only writing your notes.


These are just a few of the many great online notepads to choose from. Using a notepad can help you keep everything in your day running smoothly, whether it’s personal or professional. Make sure to look into these different notepads to find the one that’s right for you.