Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics

Everything on the computer that does not fall in the category of sound or text is termed as a computer graphic. Computer graphics are basically the heart of every software that the computer allows. Be it a movie, a drawing or simply a picture, all are examples of computer graphics. Even the operating system are not complete without Graphic User Interface that enables us to log in  and view the files. These have numerous and varied applications which hold great significance in the techno world. Here are a few applications of computer graphics:

    Display of Information

Graphics have always been found in association with information display. These are used to display the floor plans of buildings, medical imaging results and architectural layouts. In the present day, even the hand-made drafts of maps have been replaced by the computerized ones.

a    Design

There are a few professions such as Engineering and Architecture which are in a way entirely based on designing. Although applications in all these professions vary but normally people find similar difficulties while carrying out their tasks. These difficulties have been squeezed to aver small number by the use of computer graphics which have not only made the field of design easier but has also inculcated more efficiency and effectiveness in it. This has enabled a great advancement in these fields. It is now possible to check the credibility of a computerized design in just a few seconds using certain applications. The use of hand itself is minimized and many graphic input devices have been introduced, these provide accuracy to your design and make sure that they are feasible.


This is one of the most interesting applications of the computer graphics. Employing its use, video games have progressed to such an extent they now not only have 3-Dimensional views but have also become successful in creating imagery in our real world. This application when used in flight simulators, can be used even to train pilots.

    User Interfaces

The interface between the computer and its user has now been changed by the computer graphics. Typewriters have been replaced by electronic workstations. Owing to the system of computer graphics, a user can select, delete and save certain documents by just clicking on a small icon. As advancement in computer graphics took over, office automation systems have been introduced in the offices.