Computer Graphics in the Entertainment Scene
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Computer Graphics in the Entertainment Scene

Be it a thriller movie, a superhero blockbuster or a horror film, computer graphics seem to serve as the backbone of all of them. It is because of the advancement in computer graphics that movie makers are no able to compete with real images. Computer graphics have taken movies to a level even beyond that of the special effects. Some of the finest works produced were a result of perfect graphic and animation like Avatar, Life of Pi and Matrix trilogy who hit the cinemas as blockbusters.

Here is how Computer Graphics are changing the Entertainment Industry.

    Real World Limitations have Been Eliminated

Prior to the introduction of computer graphics, the directors seemed to have a limited amount of creativity the primary reason of which was the lack of resources. All the Robotic creatures and sci-fi characters were introduced based on the special effects which were obviously not a very effective way. Hydraulic machines were employed to power their movements. Now that old system has been shunned and the graphics workstation has taken over. This has eliminated all the limitations that the directors had to face previously. All you need is a team of excellent graphic designers who have a firm hold on the modern graphic technology and then you are all set to go.


            Cost has been cut down

In the earlier years, the budget of the movie was a topic of major concern. The creation and formation of all the massive and monstrous characters required a great deal of money. Now as that system has been taken over completely by graphics and there is no more a need to physically create all those characters so the cost has been substantially cut down.

            Wastage of Resources Is Minimized

In the past, the models created for one movie would go directly to the waste once the movie was shot. This resulted in the wastage of money as well as a lot of resources. Using computer graphics has minimized the wastage of these resources. They have helped in saving a lot of money which would otherwise have gone down the drain.

            Saves time

When you are using computer graphics to design characters, it doesn’t take as much as time as required to physical construct all those gigantic models. This way it has become possible for the movie makers to save their time and money and get far better results than before. This may require a group of highly skilled individuals but once you get them to work, you’d be able to save a lot of your time as it will make your efforts focused for the better.

            Far superior quality

Computer graphics have enabled movie makers to create some astonishing and magnificent animations which otherwise would never have been possible. With the development in graphics, movies scenes are getting closer and closer to looking more realistic. It has now become a piece of cake for 3-D animators and graphic designers to blend in special effects with reality.