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Home Security Cameras are Like Insurance — Do You Need Protection?

Home Security Cameras are Like Insurance — Do You Need Protection?

Security is a basic need just like food, shelter, education, and clothing. One way you can boost security around your property is installing home security cameras. Some people might see this as an unnecessary expense and ask, “Are home security cameras worthy it? Do the benefits outweigh the installation and maintenance costs? Here are a few points to help you decide if this investment makes sense:


Break-ins are Frequent


Thieves are a reality you cannot ignore as long as you remain in this country. The numbers on the current security situation indicate that break-ins are more likely to occur during the day when you are out there working than at night. You most probably have bought valuable items in your home, and cannot imagine losing them to undeserving individuals. If you have children or teens, you do not want to think what might happen if a dangerous person broke into your home.


Home Security Systems Deter Crime and Reduce Loss


That home security systems discourage criminals from breaking into people’s homes is almost a universal truth. Also, it is not in doubt that these systems increase the chances that a burglar who manages to gain access to your home will not escape before someone catches them. A thief reasons; they would choose another home if they discovered the one they had initially wanted to break into has a security system. Available statistics show that a protected homeowner loses, on average, 2,000 dollars less than a property owner who is not.


These Systems are like Insurance


Do you need insurance? You will always need to buy auto insurance even if you have been a safe driver all your life. You cannot predict the future or which homes burglars plan to steal from in the coming weeks or months. Would you drive a vehicle without protection? You might install the system and never have a single incident, which can make you feel like you could have been just fine without it. In truth, though, you will never know how many planned burglaries the system prevented.


Irreplaceable Valuables


You most probably have personal property coverage. Should you lose your valuables, your insurance company will write you a check to help you replace the lost items. That said, money cannot restore possessions of sentimental value such as family heirlooms and rare works of art. Well, you could always keep such things in a safe deposit box. However, if quick access is important to you, a security system could be the best solution for you.


You Can Save Money


Saving money might not be something you pursue with determination. However, realizing you could save money when it was not your initial intention must come as a happy surprise. If you have installed a security system in your home, your insurance company might be willing to give you a discount. Note that some insurers might require you to install such a system if you live in an area with many reported cases of break-ins.

Are home security cameras worthy it? Make up your mind now

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